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A Little bit About Perri

born and raised in Toronto to wonderful Italian parents, rosetta and pietro viggiani and my one and only amazing sister and best friend, camilla.


dreams of singing on the big stage as a young girl and  exposure to many different genres and a household filled with music ranging from opera to the latest hits on the radio, my love and passion for music excelled.  


Italian music being at the forefront created A natural progression to learn French and Spanish.  


I've spent many years singing at weddings and corporate events and I've enjoyed every minute!  How fortunate am I to have shared the happiest of moments with so many people.


My two fabulous children, Anna & Michael, and My wonderful husband Gil are my biggest fans, and I thank them for their encouragement and support.

no matter how large the stage or the audience, when your talent is appreciated it's a wonderful feeling.

My song choices are songs that I absolutely love from all genres in English, French, Spanish, and of course italian!  


enjoy what you hear, and I would be honoured to sing at your next event!  



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